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For more information about the three different versions of ChurchPro, click here.
Product No. of Users Price
ChurchPro Online - New User 1 User $39.95 per month
2-3 Users $54.90 per month
4 or more Users $10.00 per month per user
Setup Fee $50.00
ChurchPro Complete - New User 1-2 Church Installs $399.00
3 Church Installs $449.00
4 Church Installs $499.00
5 Church Installs $549.00
Unlimited Installs $599.00
Technical Support Single User $249.00
Multi User $289.00
Network Setup $99.00 for up to 3 computers
$50.00 ea. additional computer


Product No. of Users Price
Premium Package - Current User
includes: updates, technical support, backup service and email service
Single User $360.00
Multi User $420.00
Basic Package - Current User
includes: updates, backup service and email service
Single User $240.00
Multi User $300.00

What You Receive

With your purchase of ChurchPro you will receive a copy of the ChurchPro program, licenses for the number of computers you have indicated, 90 days of free phone-in technical support, a complete reference manual.

How Many Installs Do I Need?

Included with a Single User License: The primary user is allowed two installs: one on their church computer and one on their laptop/home computer so that they may work away from the church if necessary. This applies to the primary user only. The primary user will be identified as the person who mostly uses the church copy. The pastor will receive a free install on his/her laptop/home computer. In order to network ChurchPro you will need to purchase an additional church license for each computer at the church on which you want to run ChurchPro.

Additional Licenses: Every additional install that you purchase will allow you to install ChurchPro onto one additional computer.

ChurchPro Online

ChurchPro Online is a monthly cost. The cost will be $39.95/month for one username and password and $14.95/month for every additional username that needs to use the program at the same time. If you do not need to have users that use the program at the same time, you may have several people using the program at different times for only $39.95 month and a single setup fee of $50. Setup fee for 2 or more users is free. Upgrades and tech support are free. Click here to learn more.

Refund Policy

Database Designs gives you a liberal 30 day return policy for NEW users only. No returns will be accepted after 30 days from date of purchase. To return a package you will need an RMA number. Shipping cost will be the responsibility of the buyer. To obtain an RMA number you will need to contact Database Designs.

Call us if you have any additional questions: 443-424-0165