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"The company behind the software makes the difference."

About Database Designs

Hello, my name is Dennis Keen. Thanks for browsing our website. I am the pastor that built ChurchPro. God gave me the knowledge to build a software system that churches need to manage their ministries. I assure you that I will be fair and treat you with respect. We will do our best to make you a happy and satisfied customer. My new email address is

Church Accounting Software

Our History

ChurchPro (Church Accounting Software) was designed and developed by a pastor to help him manage his youth and mailing list. He began developing these tools to help his ministry. Much of what was available at the time was expensive and his church did not have the vision to spend the money on computer software. As time passed, he built more and more software to help his ministry. At a national conference in 1994 with a booth in Charlotte, NC. this pastor began marketing the software to churches known as the “Complete Church Manager”. A few years later after a move from Georgia to Maryland, the pastor offered the program to churches on the internet. The first year sales were phenomenal and grew about 30 percent a year for the next several years. ChurchPro became the official trademark of the company. Later SchoolPerfect, a Christian school system, was added to the software lineup.

Our Experience

Database Designs has over 18 years of experience in developing church management systems. ChurchPro is proven in the work place. Our experience enables us to provide excellent technical support and training to our clients.

Our Present Location

Today Database Designs Inc. is located in Forest Hill, Maryland about 30 miles north of Baltimore near Aberdeen Proving Ground.

Our Status

ChurchPro is one of the most popular church management systems and continues to serve churches with numerous products and services. We have several thousand installed users and several employees. We are located in all 50 states and several foreign countries.

Our Goal

It is our goal to provide the most software features in an All-In-One solution for an affordable price. Database Designs’ commitment is to give our customers more features, more reports, more modules, more technical support, and more free installs than other software companies. Our goal is to help you get started and utilize the software for the glory of God. Our commitment to you is backed by our 30 day money back guarantee. In the unlikely event that our software does not meet your needs, we will promptly refund your money when you return the software.

Our View

Church Accounting Software does not have to be expensive to be high quality. ChurchPro has gone up only $100 over the past 13 years.

Our Future/Vision

We want to provide you with a one stop shopping experience for all services and hardware.

Our Services

We offer 90 days of free unlimited technical support to our clients. Also, we offer fee based technical support to our clients plus fee based webinars, data conversions, and custom work.