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Professional Church Accounting Software
Serving Thousands of Churches Worldwide

Our church system is an all-in-one solution.

This means you only have to purchase one church software package to manage your ministry. CP has been proven in the workplace for over 21 years. With our financial software you can track your donations, do payroll and manage your checkbook. Our church management software will help you keep records of all your members, decisions and attendance.

ChurchPro offers you peace of mind, ease of use and great value for the price.

Your budget won’t be stressed by its low price.
We also have an easy to use online program starting at $39.95 month.
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Best of all, it Includes free check scanning, barcoding, and self check-in programs!

 Church Accounting Management Software

ChurchPro has 400+ forms and 900+ ready made professionally designed reports

to help you administer every part of your ministry. CP church software, with our integrated modules, will be the hub of your ministry wheel, taking the tedium out of ministry and giving you more time for your people.

Featured Testimonial

From one of our users:


“Mountain View United Methodist Church in Forest, Virginia has been using your ChurchPro technical support since 2007 and without a doubt, it is by far and away, the best technical support I have ever worked with. I have been using various support services for over thirty years and for the most part, dealing with these services has been exasperating.

The majority of time, when I call ChurchPro, tech support staff answer right away and if they are not available, they call back within a short period of time. They listen when I explain my problem and don’t “repeat it back to me” as most tech support persons do. They always either help me to fix the problem or do it for me. They are ever pleasant and treat me as though they know me even though I don’t have a need to call them often.

I sincerely recommend the ChurchPro Program and applaud their tech support team.”

— Brantley from Forest, VA

Which version of ChurchPro is right for me?

We offer different versions of ChurchPro to suit all your needs.

Church Management Accounting Software by ChurchPro

What Does it DO

ChurchPro Features

Scheduler, Events, Calendars

Create to-do lists and easily schedule various activities and events that are taking place at your church and import into your printable monthly calendar.


Easily maintain and track all of your church’s ministries, including Christian service, counseling, visitation and outreach programs. Send cards and letters to visitors
and members.

ChurchPro is Networkable

Work across multiple computers and upgrade your data in real time on your network.

Church, School, and Small Group Attendance

ChurchPro will keep track of roll sheets, attendance, and many other statistics for your church programs.


ChurchPro allows you to enter an unlimited amount of members into your database. You can track addresses, birthdays, phone numbers, and much more, and print full color photo directories.

ChurchPro Online Version

Access your data from anywhere in the world as long as you have an internet connection, and enjoy the added capability of being able to run ChurchPro on your tablet or smart phone!

Self Check-In

Offers a touch screen self check-in feature for church attendees and secure child check-in.

Mail Merge Letters
and E-mail

Create your own letters or customize prebuilt letters. Send letters to either individuals or groups. E-mail to church absentees, groups, and SS absentees.


Training is essential to the total use of ChurchPro. Database Designs is committed to giving you the training you need in the use of ChurchPro. Our staff is available to help you with your training needs. For more info call 443-640-6181.


What People are Saying

 Church Management Software

“Such a blessing…”

ChurchPro has been such a blessing in making our church information so accessible and useful to us. It is absolutely the easiest software out today to learn and to use in organizing your church records.

―Pastor Allen, PA

“A great asset…”

ChurchPro and SchoolPerfect have been a great asset for our church and school. It meets our accounting needs at a very affordable price. The technical support team has always helped me and has educated me greatly on this product.” 

―Marvin, Hamlet, NC
 Church Accounting Management Software

“Tech support…great”

I have been using ChurchPro for almost five years now and it is very church friendly and whenever I needed help with something, tech support was always great no matter what.”

―Carole, IN

“For any church”

“…without question the best bang for a growing church’s buck! ChurchPro is literally a program that any church can grow with or into.

―Pastor Eddie, TX

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 Church Accounting Software